Julian Chamber of Commerce
This little mountain community is located about 50 miles north and east of San Diego, California.  It is a throw- back to the gold rush days with wooden sidewalks, and lots of charm.  They have lots of apple orchards around and make most of their money off tourists that come here for the snow in the winter, apples, and most of all the apple pies.  Elevation is about 4500 ft.

A couple of years ago when San Diego had their big fires, this town was right in the middle of it.  The fire departments took a stand determined to save the town.  Save the town they did and it is still there for all to enjoy.  Click on any of the pictures to enlarge.
As we headed over to the Julian Pie Company to pick up an Apple Pie to take home we saw this man walking his pet. 
What is it?  And it has a coat on.