We spent our first night in Solvang, California.  The picture on the left is the road leaving Solvang, which is a cute little town with a Danish flavor.  Sorry no pictures.  We then stopped at Los Alamo Post Office as stamps need to be purchased for sending home postcards.
View from our Marriott Hotel room window in downtown San Francisco, left. 
Having jumped out of bed the week before to celebrate my 60+ birthday, I hit the dresser with my foot and broke at least one toe.  So we left on our trip with a swollen foot and didn't do as much walking as we would have liked.
We took a bus trip to a lookout on the otherside of the Golden Gate bridge.  Above and below are views of San Francisco from the lookout.

Left is the Golden Gate Bridge. 
Golden Gate Park
Above are the streets of Haight and Asbury made popular in the 60's with the peace movement and the love children.  Below are a row of Victorian homes.
We then went to Alcatraz Island and prison.  This is where some of the most dangerous prisoners were incarcerated.  With only ocean between the island and mainland, the escape attempts were not too sucessful.
Inside the prison, were the cells in the cell block and those for solitary confinement.  The prisoners got this view of the Bay Bridge from the prison.
The road below runs between the dock and the cell block.  A view of San Francisco from the island.
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