Wesleyan University
Class of 1947
Wesleyan University is located in Middletown, Connecticut.  It was founded in 1831 by the Methodist and named for John Wesley, the founder of Methodism.  It is a Liberal Art school. 
When visiting my favorite charity shop, looking for books, I came across this yearbook and purchased it with the idea of helping my fellow genealogist in seach of ancestors and their pictures.  I am willing to send you an email with a scan of the page your relative appears on.  This particular year book has individual pictures of only the Seniors.  The other classes, Freshman, Sophomores, and Juniors have group pictures with no indication of who is who.  If you believe someone you are seeking attended this school in 1947 I will be happy to look for them and send you any information available in the book.  Use link here to send me an email with the name you would like a look-up for or the name you have found on the list of seniors.  Char@charsbrokenbranches.com
A quote from the yearbook about this class - "The Senior Class has a unique record, for it is, undoubtedly, the only Class to be graduated from Wesleyan that has not a single member, who took his four regular years in the usual order.  The Class of 1947 is also the largest class Wesleyan has produced, the graduating class numbering some two hundred and three."  This interruption in their four years was due to WWII.
I have listed the Seniors here.  Coincidently, I was in England this year and by chance went to see the pit where John Wesley preached at some point and the adjoining chapel.   I took several pictures. A quote from the website Wesley Center Online  "In 1789 he made a tour of Cornwall. Where once they had mobbed, him they now lined the streets to stare "as if the king were going by." Twenty-five thousand people heard him preach at Gwennap pit."