Record Day Month Year
1 20 Oct 1832 John Eckley,otp,x, Banns
Ann Jones,otp,x
Wit: John Gwillim, ??? Mas
2 4 Mar 1833 James Jones, otp, x
Elizabeth Gilbert,otp,x
Wit: Joan Gwillim, James Poole
3 1 Feb 1834 William Thomas, otp,x,
Joan Williams,otp, ,
Wit: Theophila Shenton Edward Williams Banns
4 18 May 1837 Enoch Williams, otp,x,
Ann Davies,otp,x
Wit: Sophia Harrison, John James,x, Banns
The above records were all that Mike photographed for the 1832-1837 period.  The next record was on a scrap of loose paper and not on the usual form. 
1770 William Jones and Elizabeth Williams of this Parish were married in Llanthony Chapel by Banns this third day of January in the year one thousand seven hundred and seventy by me Roger Davis, Clerk.  
Llanthony Marriages 1866-1900
Rec Day Mon Year Father
1 20 Apr 1866 Daniel Nichols, 36,bach, carpenter, New house Llanthony Mill, , John Nichols, Mason
Margaret Randall, 30, Widow, , Llanthony, , George Harrison, Miller
Wit: William George,x, Ann George Banns
2 22 Mar 1869 William Jones, FA, bach, farmer, Gare, , Thomas Jones, Farmer
Sarah Ann Watkins, FA, wid, , Lych?, , Charles Phillip, Farme
Wit: John Thomas, Ann Thomas Banns
3 9 May 1870 John Lewis, FA, farmer, bach, Tynyn?en, , Thomas Lewis, Farmer
Mary Pritchard, FA, wid, Darren, , James Howells, Farmer
Wit: James Howells, Sarah Howells,x,
4 4 Mar 1871 Frederick Taylor, FA, bach, clerk,Llanthony, , Solomon Taylor, Schoolmaster
Jane Gwilliam, FA,spin, Llanthony, , Robert Gwillim, Yeoman
Wit: John Gwillim,  Dinah Gwillim Banns
5 19 Apr 1876 James Farr, 25,bach,farmer, Rowlstone Court, Edward Farr, Farmer
Dinah Gwillim,24,spin, , Llanthony, , Robert Gwillim, Farmer
Wit: Edward Farr, Jennie Farr License
6 28 Jan 1884 John Gurney,20,bach,lab,Blaina, , George Gurney, Lab
Elizabeth Lewis, 24,spin, , Llanthony, , John Lewis, Farmer
Wit: William Williams, William Moss Banns
7 22 May 1889 Thomas Pritchard,21, bach, farmer, Llanthony, , David Pritchard, Farmer
Dina Susanna Knight, 19 spin, hotel keeper, Llanthony, , Matthew Knight, Hotel keeper
Wit: Matthew Knight, Emily Knight Banns
8 25 Nov 1891 Thomas Gwillim, FA, bach, farmer, Llanthony, , Robert Gwillim, Farmer
Eliza Jane Moargan, FA,spin, farmer, Llanthony, , Thomas Morgan, Farmer
Wit: Thomas Morgan, Charlotte Morgan, Banns
9 29 Oct 1892 William Lewis, FA, bach, carpenter, Llanthony, , William Lewis, Wood Warden
Agnes Cullum, FA, spin, dressmaker, Llanthony, , John Cullum, Miller
Wit: Thomas Lewis, Eliza Cullum, Banns
10 3 Dec 1894 Thomas Richard Dale, FA, bach, Railway clerk, Llanthony, , James Dale, Engine Driver
Eliza Cullum,FA, spin, , Llanthony,, John Cullum, Miller
Wit: William Morgan Bowen, Maria Cullum Banns
11 18 Nov 1896 Charles Vaughan,21,bach, lab, Llanthony, , William Vaughan, Lab
Blanche Powell,23,spin,servant, Llanthony, , James Powell, Lab
Wit: Sidney Vaughan, Dinah Powell Banns
12 4 Nov 1900 William Thomas Spillane, FA, bach, Army sergt A.O.? 245 Dale St. Chatham Thomas Spilliane,Farmer
Edith Cullum,FA,spin, Llanthony, , John Cullum, Postman
Wit: John Cullum, Thomas Spillane Banns