Home St. Nicholas Church in Trellech.
These pictures of Trellech   were taken by Bryan Morgan at my request and sent to me via email.  Bryan and I corresponded for quite sometime   and he always had some Welsh custom or saying to tell me.  Bryan passed away and will be missed by me   and others he touched the lives of.
According to the letter of Wm.   Lake  his grandparents are buried here in the   cemetery.  Click here to see William's letter.
Inside St. Nicholas Church
Churchyard and cemetery -St.   Nicholas Church.
Church pathway to side entrance.
Trellech School
Trellech Post Office
Trellech Pub - The Lion Inn
The three stones of   Trellech or Harold's Stone..  According to Bryan, they   have some sort of electrical current and they are below the ground almost as   much as they are above the ground.  No   one knows how or why the stones are there.
Traffic at rush hour.  I loved his humor.